After Beach Escorihuela Gascón

Snow Polo Cerro Bayo

The one and only Snow Polo takes place at 1500mts high against the best views of the Patagonia. Players with medium and high handicap and celebrities are invited to be part of this amazing event to enjoy good sport and after party, with good an chill music in the Point Terrace.

Patagonian Savor

Gastronomic Festival, where recognized chefs are invited to cook in couples with resident chefs. Traditions and flavor blend together to create the best Patagonic food. In the first edition, the invited chefs were Juliana Lopez May, Rodrigo Tosso and Paula Mendez Carreras, being Leonardo Morsella, Sergio Mercado and Lucas Dabrowski the residents ones. This festival was celebrated in Villa La Angostura.

Rugby X-treme

Exhibition match is played at 1500 meters high. Different personalities from Argentinian rugby attend to the event every year, conforming the different teams that play the tournament.

Motorcycle Snow Contest

Bajada de Antorchas

Eventos Corporativos

Lanzamiento Neuquen Nieve 2016

Regata Brooksfield

Realización integral de la Regata realizada en Villa la Angostura.

Best Trick y Ollie Contest

Invierno 2015.

Art Night Festival

An artistic and cultural fest that promotes the different ways of art expressions, such as plastic, musical and theatrical arts, while people enjoy the best Gastronomic Tour ever at the same time. More than a hundred artists attend to this 3-days festival and share their art to more than ten thousand people. The motto is the same for everyone: feed on space to art.

New Kia Carnival Launch

Lanzamiento Rosell Boher 70 Meses

Art Exhibition

Milo Lockett, David Klauser, Tester, Pablo Vodopivec, Lucila Negri, Bruno Prin, Tomas Otero, Antonia Guzman, Pablo Landolfi, Laura Sorribes, Ricky Crespo, Franca Nozzi, Tempe Hernandez y Luti Vernet, among others.

Boulevard de Tigre Launch

Opening and Launch of “Boulevard de Tigre”, the New Art District that consists of the following spaces: Boulevard Saenz Peña, Almacen de Flores, Alto Pirulo and Juliana Lopez May Kitchen Studio, among others.

Clínica de Polo

Claro After Party

Exclusive Event Claro, were celebrities and prominent guests attended in 2012. Burton Major Team of riders made their demonstrations and jumps while the Chef Gonzalo Sacor, delighted guests with Patagonian infusions. The music, vibrated Group Sarapura at 1500 meters high in Cerro Bayo Sky Center.

Regatta – Boat Race

Integral realization of the Boat Race that take place in Villa La Angostura.

Corporate Travel

Strategic Planning:
TMC (Travel Management Company)